Couldn’t help it.


I’ll keep it in the box.


Collecting and life

Haven’t posted on here for a long time. Haven’t really bought anything new for a long time. I’ve more or less stopped collecting RC. The thrill of having 130 cars and no place to display them is not the greatest feeling in the world. I’d really like to be able to say I enjoy dusting them off, but I can’t.

I’m contemplating reducing the collection by at least 50 cars.

The pictures below constitute only 3/4 of the collection at the most.



Glass cabinet for some of the shelf queens.


Top half. Knight Hauler full function, S800, Arbath, Alpine A110. 1978 Super Champ, 2006 Frog, 2010 Scorcher, 2010 Rough Rider, 2012 Hilux


The bottom half. Monster Dump, Chrome King Hauler, 2011 Fast Attack, 2003 XR311, Assorted aircraft.

Dropped a fair bit on this cabinet to hold the shelf queens. Really happy with the reduction in dust on the bodies compared to my other open shelves.