Tamiya rare parts.


Driver figure parts for XR-311 combat buggy.
For sale.
$25 usd


My full size car

This is my real car. It’s a Toyota SW20 MR2 Turbo. 1996 model, so it has the 245 HP engine.  I’ve turned up the boost and fit a stainless downpipe. It also has a cross gearbox with lower ratio 2nd 3rd and 4th gears.
The photo was taken at Okayama international circuit. I took it there to race.
Okayama international circuit is the last track Ayrton Senna completed an F1 race, a few short weeks before his death in Italy.


If you could…

A question posted to me the other day, if you could build anything in the Tamiya range, what would it be?

There is only one answer to that question;

I would build everything in the Tamiya range if I could build anything at all.

Seriously, to this point, the most enjoyable builds have been the trucks, they involve a lot work to get everything working right. You have to build the 3 speed gearbox and put all the gears in the right order on the shafts. They also have a proper ladder frame chassis made from metal, which makes them very realistic to me.

If I had to choose just one build right now, it would probably the Scania R620 6X4.  I have a feeling that I would definitely like to build another truck sometime soon. Anyone want to help sponsor the build?

Below is probably one of my favourite build/rebuild trucks. Originally the Globe Liner, but now with a Bruder cement truck body grafted on the back due to the addition of longer chassis rails from the Ford Aeromax.


From my first car, a tamiya pajero in 1984 untilbthis day, there is a part of the experience that I enjoy a lot. The build. I would find it difficult to count how many I have built over the years. I think the number is up to at least 80 cars.
There is something carthadic about the build. From snipping parts off, to the last sticker on the body. It is a highly enjoyable acitivtely which I recommend to all.

My most recent build was the Lotus 99t I posted an image of above. The helmet is hand painted to represent Senna’s helmet as best as I could. I’m a lot better at the mechanical side of the build.

I’ve built everything from simple F1 chassis cars to trucks and tanks and I must say the more complex vehicles are such a joy to build.



Well, this is the first post to my first blog, I guess I should make it interesting.

To start with, I am an Australian living in Japan. I’ve lived here for almost 8 years now and have no plans to go back to Australia. I am married and live in Okayama, Japan.

My passion is vehicles, I like cars and all other forms of transport. To whit, my current hobby is collecting Tamiya RC cars. I’ve been collecting since 2004, when I first came to Japan. The kits are very inexpensive and easy to get here.

I currently have approximately 100 built cars and 20 unbuilt. I hope to be able to post images of them on here. I also hope to write some simple build logs and driving impressions (as my Japanese friends say!) Hopefully, I can include information about the scene here in Japan too.

Well, thank you and welcome! If you have any questions about Tamiya or Japan, please feel free to ask, I:ll do my best to answer.