Got it!


Built the gearbox.

Then went mental and built the chassis to running condition.


Finally Finished

After buying a Wlid Willy 2 about 7 years ago, I have finally gotten around to “finishing” the body. I’ve driven the car a lot, so there are scratches and missing pieces. I’ve also never installed the dash or upper part of the hood, they are in my part boxes in Australia, I hope.

Anyway, here are some after pictures.ImageImageImageImage

Super Champ repaint and restore.

Over the weekend I decided to repaint my Super Champ.
I bought it online about 6 years ago and the previous owner had never painted the shell and had cut and stuck the decals on in a very bad way. So, I thought I’d give it a “Champ worthy” paint job.

The gearbox and front end are painted gold to match the stripes on the body. Main colour of the body is black.

I also have the gold wheel set from Tamiya that I will get around to fitting later today.
how it started

stripped down

small cracks in body sanded down and reinforced on the inside.

cleaning parts

one clean, one not. used a small ultrasonic parts cleaner.

And the rest.

58519 Bruiser delayed in Japan

The new Tamiya Bruiser release date has been delayed in Japan. The new release date is March 31. Can’t say I’ve ever been more disappointed with Tamiya. Shops in other countries have them in stock already, but Japan is lagging behind.

I’ll update everyone on it when it comes in.

I’d say they didn’t expect to sell so many to foreign shops. Or that guy on eBay stole all the stock…

I hope it’s worth the wait.

58513 Celica body painting

I’ve had a few days of illness. In fact, when I was building the TS020 I got very sick.
Turns out I had been poisoning myself with an old bottle of Vegetable spread on my toast in the morning.

In the last week or so, I have done one body paint job. It’s the new Tamiya 58513 TT-01 chassis Toyota Celica LB turbo in 10th scale with a lexan body.
The body is made with multiply pieces. The tailgate area, light buckets and wing are separate pieces.

This pic I took before putting in the light buckets and extra pieces.

thanks for looking, sorry about the wait between posts!

Toyota TS020 F103

Starting building this yesterday, fell ill and had to finish making it today.


Should be fun to drive, has the black “sport tuned” motor.

This time, I decided to use the Gopro to take one photo every 10 seconds and then I used iMovie on my Mac to make a time-lapse video, here it is below.

And here are a few pics of the finished product, I messed up a little on the tough sticker set.

But this car will be run.


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