Driving OFNA DM-1 Spec E

Finally took video of the Ofna.

All stock, 13T pinion, Hobbywing Brushless 2200Kv with 150A ESC.
Two Turnigy Nanotech 6000mah 2S lipo.(4S total)

Will change to 6S and 17T pinion soon.

anyway, enjoy the video.
It’s just driving.


2 thoughts on “Driving OFNA DM-1 Spec E

    • Yeah, the weight of this car means it drives a lot more like a real car to me. The rear end walks around but is controllable. I can flick it through the center part of that track easily. Will be putting on new tyres as soon as I can get some.
      The track is just big enough for one or two cars of this size. It’s better for 1/10. Probably about 30m back straight and a total of 120m driving in that configuration. Oh, and it’s FREE to use. I lived in this city for 4 years and only found out that this track exists last November… It has made me drive a lot more than I used to. Now all I need is a closer free off road track.

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