Tamiya XV-01 rally car

Really considering one of these.

Just wondering what bodies they will make in the short term, might wait to see. I like the look of this body, but I think something I like more may come out.


3 thoughts on “Tamiya XV-01 rally car

  1. im in the same boat as you with regarding the body, i want the chassis bad as anything that resembles a TA03F is a must have, an older Lancer would be cool, or if they find a way to shorten the chassis a Corolla WRC

    • The XV-01 special chassis is available here for about $40 more than the body kit… but, it doesn’t have a body, so have to add the extra for a body. I would be happy if they did the 1992 Celica Rally car again on this chassis. That or some Escorts. Ultimate would be a re-release of the Lancia 037 body on this chassis, like the TA-03 version back about 10 years ago.

      • i second 037 notion , but it wouldn’t be scale accurate as the 037 was rwd . but yes, anything from the 90s and early 00’s is a go for me 🙂

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