TA06 Toyota 86

Well, it has been a while. I’m currently out of work and unable to buy cars. But, I was allowed to buy one this month. It just arrived, the Toyota 86 body on a TA-06 chassis. This is going to be my first belt drive build. I own a TA-04 and TA-05, but thet 04 was already built and I haven’t touched the 05 because it is the anniversary Porsche kit.

I’ll take a look at building this soon, for starters, here is a pic of the box.


Tamiya 86


RC jet boat

Got this toy grade RC Jet boat, made by a company called NQD, turns out they work really well when upgraded to hobby spec electronics.

It only cost about $50 Australian dollars shipped to my door. The new brushless motor, ESC and 2.4ghz RX cost another $50 and a little time fitting them up. It now runs a small 1/16th scale motor with a water cooling jacket and a water cooled ESC. The RX is a Flysky 2.4ghz job. Battery is a Turnigy Nano tech 2S 2200mah.

speed is ok, it has enough push from the jet to hold it’s own and pull out of a decent current, so I will be looking for rapids to play in.
I repainted it from white, first using undercoat and then a base coat of Tamiya TS-52 Candy lime green.

Then I laid a stencil of a dragon that I hand cut after printing an image from the net.

and shot very lightly around it in black with my airbrush.
Then I tried to make a real fire effect using white, yellow and red in the airbrush, it’s only my second attempt at real fire.

Here is a little video I shot of my first two packs using it.

RC universe has a great thread with information that helped me a lot with my decision to buy the boat and what to do with it after I got it.