ROBI, Robot from Deagostini Japan.


Started making this Robot kit from weekly subscription magazine company, Deagostini Japan. 
Am currently up to vol 9 of 70 odd.
His head servo is working, so at this stage it can move left and right. The half body in this picture

Imageis just a stand to allow for testing of the servo. 

The completed robot has voice recognition and can walk, dance and do other activities without need for a controller or programming. Just ask him to dance and he will.
Here is a youtube video of the finished product.

The first kit also came with a “mini figure” which is about 5cm tall.


To give an idea of the size of his head, here is a picture of me holding it in my hand.


I’ll see if I can post updates on the progress of building him. It may be a while before anything really substantial is ready to show. It appears the next month or more of magazines will be mainly arm or leg parts.

He looks a little like Astro boy.



7 thoughts on “ROBI, Robot from Deagostini Japan.

    • Sorry I haven’t updated this much. The second run is already running. They’ve even just released a radio controlled bike for him to ride… But the price for that is too high for my taste. I’ll have to past an update of my ROBI. he is not far from finished.

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