TA06 Toyota 86

Well, it has been a while. I’m currently out of work and unable to buy cars. But, I was allowed to buy one this month. It just arrived, the Toyota 86 body on a TA-06 chassis. This is going to be my first belt drive build. I own a TA-04 and TA-05, but thet 04 was already built and I haven’t touched the 05 because it is the anniversary Porsche kit.

I’ll take a look at building this soon, for starters, here is a pic of the box.


Tamiya 86

Making scale parts

The guys down at the track I go to are also into CC01 based scale crawlers, so I dusted off one or two of mine and set to making some scale parts for them.

I started off making an interior for my Land Cruiser.
It’s made from 1mm plastic board, 5mm plastic round stick and glue. The steering wheel is from an Axial wraith kit and the driver is a Wrestling figure.

Next, I had a go at making a roof ladder and rack for the Pajero, again, using 5mm plastic round and square.

All these parts were made without plan, I just thought about the shape in my head and then started cutting parts out. I’m sure they would look a lot better if I planned them out properly.

Got it!


Built the gearbox.

Then went mental and built the chassis to running condition.

Super Champ repaint and restore.

Over the weekend I decided to repaint my Super Champ.
I bought it online about 6 years ago and the previous owner had never painted the shell and had cut and stuck the decals on in a very bad way. So, I thought I’d give it a “Champ worthy” paint job.

The gearbox and front end are painted gold to match the stripes on the body. Main colour of the body is black.

I also have the gold wheel set from Tamiya that I will get around to fitting later today.
how it started

stripped down

small cracks in body sanded down and reinforced on the inside.

cleaning parts

one clean, one not. used a small ultrasonic parts cleaner.

And the rest.