58059 Porsche 959



Took 8 years to complete this. Got the chassis by itself from eBay in 2005. Then I ordered a Kamtec replica body in 2006. I was going to paint it that year, but I moved back to Australia and many things got shelved.
I also didn’t have a sticker kit for it at the time.

Fast forward to today, I found a reasonably good sticker set, missing the white stickers unfortunately, and printed it out.
Just have to complete the wing, which is a clear lexan piece from Kamtec.
I have the interior somewhere, may have left it with my cars in Australia. When I find it, I’ll get on completing the lot.


ROBI, Robot from Deagostini Japan.


Started making this Robot kit from weekly subscription magazine company, Deagostini Japan. 
Am currently up to vol 9 of 70 odd.
His head servo is working, so at this stage it can move left and right. The half body in this picture

Imageis just a stand to allow for testing of the servo. 

The completed robot has voice recognition and can walk, dance and do other activities without need for a controller or programming. Just ask him to dance and he will.
Here is a youtube video of the finished product.

The first kit also came with a “mini figure” which is about 5cm tall.


To give an idea of the size of his head, here is a picture of me holding it in my hand.


I’ll see if I can post updates on the progress of building him. It may be a while before anything really substantial is ready to show. It appears the next month or more of magazines will be mainly arm or leg parts.

He looks a little like Astro boy.


TA06 Toyota 86

Well, it has been a while. I’m currently out of work and unable to buy cars. But, I was allowed to buy one this month. It just arrived, the Toyota 86 body on a TA-06 chassis. This is going to be my first belt drive build. I own a TA-04 and TA-05, but thet 04 was already built and I haven’t touched the 05 because it is the anniversary Porsche kit.

I’ll take a look at building this soon, for starters, here is a pic of the box.


Tamiya 86