My old website.

This is my old photo website site from 2005.

It has pics of the cars I collected while I was living in Osaka.

Including my Mounty.


Driving Bruiser

Took the Bruiser to the track today, just to show it off to the others, but ended up driving it. Another guy there had his CC-01 and took me down to a little scale rocky area.

I actually walked down without the camera. When I got to the spot I cursed myself and ran back to get it!
Here is the vid.

Got it!


Built the gearbox.

Then went mental and built the chassis to running condition.

58519 Bruiser delayed in Japan

The new Tamiya Bruiser release date has been delayed in Japan. The new release date is March 31. Can’t say I’ve ever been more disappointed with Tamiya. Shops in other countries have them in stock already, but Japan is lagging behind.

I’ll update everyone on it when it comes in.

I’d say they didn’t expect to sell so many to foreign shops. Or that guy on eBay stole all the stock…

I hope it’s worth the wait.

I will build this. TAMIYA BRUISER

***********UPDATE: Japanese sale date is set now at March 17th 2012. ************

Tamiya announced today the re-release of the Toyota Bruiser.

The best decision they have made in the last 36 years.

more info at the TamiyaUSA site.

It will be expensive, but  I will get one and build it as soon as it comes out.

thank you to Tamiya for the video.


  • 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.
  • The Bruiser body, including the sleeper cab, is made of durable injection-molded ABS plastic.
  • Metal ladder frame chassis retains the original layout and features a black-finished surface.
  • Newly-designed die-cast transmission is equipped with planetary gears.
  • Refined clutch mechanisms offer smooth gear changes and superb durability. 3-speed gears are possible (1st gear=4WD, 2nd & 3rd gears=Rear Wheel Drive).
  • Newly-designed front/rear axle housings are equipped with differential gears to offer smooth cornering performance.
  • Front and rear differentials may be locked for enhanced off-road performance.
  • Front & rear large diameter tires offer superb traction.
  • Separately available LEDs can be installed in the light cases to depict realistic head and tail lights.
  • Type 540 motor included.