58519 Bruiser delayed in Japan

The new Tamiya Bruiser release date has been delayed in Japan. The new release date is March 31. Can’t say I’ve ever been more disappointed with Tamiya. Shops in other countries have them in stock already, but Japan is lagging behind.

I’ll update everyone on it when it comes in.

I’d say they didn’t expect to sell so many to foreign shops. Or that guy on eBay stole all the stock…

I hope it’s worth the wait.



58513 Celica body painting

I’ve had a few days of illness. In fact, when I was building the TS020 I got very sick.
Turns out I had been poisoning myself with an old bottle of Vegetable spread on my toast in the morning.

In the last week or so, I have done one body paint job. It’s the new Tamiya 58513 TT-01 chassis Toyota Celica LB turbo in 10th scale with a lexan body.
The body is made with multiply pieces. The tailgate area, light buckets and wing are separate pieces.

This pic I took before putting in the light buckets and extra pieces.

thanks for looking, sorry about the wait between posts!

Drift Diffuser

Was a little bored tonight watching an old movie on TV and decided to have a go at knocking up a diffuser for the rear of the drift car…

take one plastic A4 folder

cut it up in a fashion that would make it look like something you have an image of in your mind…

Glue it together with super glue.

then test fit on the car…

Later comes paint and finishing.
the sides I just bent into shape.

It’s really easy to make stuff! And fun

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Checkout TEAM TETSUJIN, great RC drift shop and circuit in Japan.

TB-03 VDS Build

Got my VDS yesterday and starting building it immediately. Here is a slideshow of some of the pictures I took.

The build was great, I spent about 3 hours last night getting it to rolling chassis with no shocks. Then built the shocks today.

I fit thin plastic sheet as a bladder valve under the piston inside the shock, which gives fast bump/slow rebound.

This is actually the first time I have built a carbon chassis car from scratch and must say it was interesting.

I also fitted an Active-hobby Counter unit in the rear, currently it has a 150% gearing, but I also have the 200% gears in spares. The counter unit in the rear means I had to modify the inside of the diff case, which took the most time last night.

This chassis will be my new drift cars and as such has the Street Jam tyres mounted on +10 offset wheels and an HPI Toyota Mark 2 Weld X 200mm body.

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From my first car, a tamiya pajero in 1984 untilbthis day, there is a part of the experience that I enjoy a lot. The build. I would find it difficult to count how many I have built over the years. I think the number is up to at least 80 cars.
There is something carthadic about the build. From snipping parts off, to the last sticker on the body. It is a highly enjoyable acitivtely which I recommend to all.

My most recent build was the Lotus 99t I posted an image of above. The helmet is hand painted to represent Senna’s helmet as best as I could. I’m a lot better at the mechanical side of the build.

I’ve built everything from simple F1 chassis cars to trucks and tanks and I must say the more complex vehicles are such a joy to build.