My old website.

This is my old photo website site from 2005.

It has pics of the cars I collected while I was living in Osaka.

Including my Mounty.


Driving today in Okayama 百間川

took my F1 Ferrari 643, the TB-02 converted to camera car duties, and one of my trucks down to the local track this afternoon. Good fun except the front diff in the TB-02 kept coming loose, which creates a great deal of spin-outs in a car with a spool in the rear! First video below is of the F1 cars out on the track.

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F-104W Ferrari 643

Built this Ferrari 643 on the wide F104 chassis today.
I painted the body last night and am yet to do the helmet. I have decided on Alain Prost livery.
The build of these chassis is straight forward, but there are places you have to be careful not to mount things backwards.
the F104W chassis is an F104 double deck chassis with the rear diffuser plate under the motor pod and better rear suspension. But it has the 103 rear axle and diff setup as well as the 103 front end to bring the width to a more “scale to the era.” Look to the car.
I fit an xerun brushless 10t in it, to see what it would be like, but I don’t think I will enjoy it with that much motor. So I’ll likely change it back to kit motor once I get a better servo for it.
Here are a few pics I took with my phone.


Here is a pic of the finished product.