TA06 Toyota 86

Well, it has been a while. I’m currently out of work and unable to buy cars. But, I was allowed to buy one this month. It just arrived, the Toyota 86 body on a TA-06 chassis. This is going to be my first belt drive build. I own a TA-04 and TA-05, but thet 04 was already built and I haven’t touched the 05 because it is the anniversary Porsche kit.

I’ll take a look at building this soon, for starters, here is a pic of the box.


Tamiya 86


New on road non tamiya.

I bought an ofna1/7 th scale. I like the size of it. I put in a hobbyking 2200 motor and amp. Paint is all tamiya spray cans, with little masking. Just the stripes.. the two tone effect was done by hand with spray cans. Red silver gold and white.



Hornet: By Jun Watanabe

Fashion designer Jun Watanabe has designed a scheme for the Hornet.
It appears it will be on sale through ZOZOTown in Japan from March, very interesting design…

Colours are a bit too much for most I think, but a very unique Tamiya, would be good to have, just for its possible rarity.


The blurb on the Tamiya site translated into readable English be me.
★ This is a special model with purple chassis parts, white springs, pink wheel nuts and various other coloured parts as designed by Jun Watanabe.
★ body design featuring a black polka dots on white base, The polka dots are one large sticker sheet.
★ Tire & Wheel, includes standard black and white wheels for running and Pink tires with black wheels for display.
★ The new box art is completed designed by Jun Watanabe as well.

Event Announcement:
★ (Sunday) March 4 the “JUN WATANABE CUP” at Tamiya Circuit in Shizuoka! Competition classes are also scheduled to be held, including the match against a team of well-known brand members. Details will be announced again soon.

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TB-03 VDS drifting video

Finally, after three days straight of rain, I was able to test drive the new VDS.
Driving with the Active 1.5 CS means it’s a new experience and a steeper learning curve.

Sad part is, the Active 1.5 decided to fall apart inside, LOC-TITE the screws people! and chewed up the smaller input gear. So now it has an Active 2.0CS in it.
So tomorrow will be another lesson in driving with the 2.0CS.

Counter steer drift means the rear wheels turn faster than the front, forcing the car to want to push the rear out.
I’m still messing around and will likely take the spool out of the front and put in a ball-diff.

Anyways, take a look at some of the highlights of testing yesterday.

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Driving today in Okayama 百間川

took my F1 Ferrari 643, the TB-02 converted to camera car duties, and one of my trucks down to the local track this afternoon. Good fun except the front diff in the TB-02 kept coming loose, which creates a great deal of spin-outs in a car with a spool in the rear! First video below is of the F1 cars out on the track.

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Drift car roll cage

Just knocked this up this morning, made out of plastic drinking straws and glued together with hot glue.

put it all together without a plan, just an idea of the kind of design I wanted in the car.

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Team Tetsujin RC drift.