More OFNA goodness

I bought a pair of 3S batteries for this car to bring the power up to 22.2 volts on 6S.
With the stock gear ratio it goes about the right speed for this track, but this car has a major problem. Tires.
There are not many tires available for these cars unless you want to pay almost half the cost of the rolling chassis for a set of Sweeps or Inpanema (spell) tires.

I blew out one of the stock tires after the second run. So now I have a set of tires on there which only cost $20 shipped. They are only cheap Chinese junk, but haven’t worn much after the first run in this video. I helped them out strength wise a little by putting Gaff tape on the inside. However, they appear to have very weak sidewalls as there are already splits in them.
These are the tires.

Here is the video I took today.

Gopro Hero on my head as I drive.

Thanks for looking.


Formula 1 RC

Tried F1 RC yesterday at my local free track.
Lot’s of fun, not so much speed but a real challenge.
Car is kit stock. Battery is lipo. Stock tyres.

Tamiya F-103 Lotus 99t
2011 RE -RE.