M-06 RX7 SA series.

I built this last year. I now have about 7 M chassis cars in my collection.  They are good fun to drive. The M-06 is the latest version of the rear motor, rear drive chassis from tamiya. Unlike the M-02 and 04 before it, the 06 has the motor hanging off the back. Which makes it a lot like a buggy chassis.
The RX-7 made by Mazda in Japan is an iconic sports car from the 1970’s. Using a rotary engine the SA version, also called a series 1 in some countries is now quite rare in Japan. Tamiya has done a good service to both the car and its design by releasing it on the smaller M chassis, as anyone who has seen the real thing will attest, it is not a big, nor wide car.
I painted it in an un-numbered PS colour from the Tamiya range. The colour is called “Wine Red ” first I sprrayed the body with Tamiya PS- Lame Flake. Then sprayed on the wine red. It’s the first time I have painted using lame flake and I think it makes the car. The Wine red colour is very nice, I think it matches the era of the car. The wheels are made by Kawada here in Japan.
Here are a few pics.