TA06 Toyota 86

Well, it has been a while. I’m currently out of work and unable to buy cars. But, I was allowed to buy one this month. It just arrived, the Toyota 86 body on a TA-06 chassis. This is going to be my first belt drive build. I own a TA-04 and TA-05, but thet 04 was already built and I haven’t touched the 05 because it is the anniversary Porsche kit.

I’ll take a look at building this soon, for starters, here is a pic of the box.


Tamiya 86


Driving yesterday 29th April

Took a bunch of cars to my local track and drove around for about 3 hours.

took the DM-1 Spec E now with 6S and 17T pinion. It took off on the straight, literally. So I dropped it back to the 13T for this track and it works well. Tyres are a problem. The other problem was that I was so excited to drive it I forgot to video it… DUH.

Though, here is a video collection of the other cars I drove.
It’s just driving with no music, add your own.

Got it!


Built the gearbox.

Then went mental and built the chassis to running condition.

58519 Bruiser delayed in Japan

The new Tamiya Bruiser release date has been delayed in Japan. The new release date is March 31. Can’t say I’ve ever been more disappointed with Tamiya. Shops in other countries have them in stock already, but Japan is lagging behind.

I’ll update everyone on it when it comes in.

I’d say they didn’t expect to sell so many to foreign shops. Or that guy on eBay stole all the stock…

I hope it’s worth the wait.


58513 Celica body painting

I’ve had a few days of illness. In fact, when I was building the TS020 I got very sick.
Turns out I had been poisoning myself with an old bottle of Vegetable spread on my toast in the morning.

In the last week or so, I have done one body paint job. It’s the new Tamiya 58513 TT-01 chassis Toyota Celica LB turbo in 10th scale with a lexan body.
The body is made with multiply pieces. The tailgate area, light buckets and wing are separate pieces.

This pic I took before putting in the light buckets and extra pieces.

thanks for looking, sorry about the wait between posts!