Driving yesterday 29th April

Took a bunch of cars to my local track and drove around for about 3 hours.

took the DM-1 Spec E now with 6S and 17T pinion. It took off on the straight, literally. So I dropped it back to the 13T for this track and it works well. Tyres are a problem. The other problem was that I was so excited to drive it I forgot to video it… DUH.

Though, here is a video collection of the other cars I drove.
It’s just driving with no music, add your own.


Driving today in Okayama 百間川

took my F1 Ferrari 643, the TB-02 converted to camera car duties, and one of my trucks down to the local track this afternoon. Good fun except the front diff in the TB-02 kept coming loose, which creates a great deal of spin-outs in a car with a spool in the rear! First video below is of the F1 cars out on the track.

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If you could…

A question posted to me the other day, if you could build anything in the Tamiya range, what would it be?

There is only one answer to that question;

I would build everything in the Tamiya range if I could build anything at all.

Seriously, to this point, the most enjoyable builds have been the trucks, they involve a lot work to get everything working right. You have to build the 3 speed gearbox and put all the gears in the right order on the shafts. They also have a proper ladder frame chassis made from metal, which makes them very realistic to me.

If I had to choose just one build right now, it would probably the Scania R620 6X4.  I have a feeling that I would definitely like to build another truck sometime soon. Anyone want to help sponsor the build?

Below is probably one of my favourite build/rebuild trucks. Originally the Globe Liner, but now with a Bruder cement truck body grafted on the back due to the addition of longer chassis rails from the Ford Aeromax.